About Us
OSISS is an environmentally-friendly, and nature conscious organization that relies heavily on the use of recycled and reclaimed resources.The company considers itself an expert in leisure and recreation amenities, indoor and outdoor decorations. Osiss’ product range includes composite wood, garden furniture, play equipment, play mat, and fitness equipment.

The company’s mission is to create
Safe, Superior, and Sustainable products (representing 3 “S” in Osiss), develop design with endless possibilities and decorate the city making in more fun !

Osiss possesses a well-educated, professional and goal-oriented management team with more than 18 years of combined experience in the recreation facilities industry. Experience, attention to detail, and constant programs to improve organizational activities make sure that Osiss corporation understands well the customer needs and the market preferences. The company managed to cater to various needs of the most demanding clients providing the “one-stop” services in areas such as planning, design, installation, after-sales services, and customized design done to order.

Last but no least, Osiss’ products enhance lives of people, inspire them, motivate them to try something new and illustrate that one can both, get quality products and remain environmentally conscious and nature friendly.

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