Outdoor Garden Furniture
Gadenla offers custom - made designs, which means that everything can and will be tailored to your specific needs. You can choose from modern and contemporary to elegant and traditional styles. Our unique designs allow endless possibilities.

Here at Osiss, we know and understand the importance of a comfortable yet stylish design. As with all our products, comfort is guaranteed. You can choose your choice of material and design, to allow maximum comfort for your specific project.

One-stop service
- Here at Osiss, we offer a one-stop service which includes the whole process from designing to installation. This efficient method allows us to easily coordinate and keep track of your project, while saving you time and preventing hassle.

Balance and Harmony
- Due to the fact that we are in charge fo the whole project we are able to ensure a balanced and complementary end product. When designing the structures and furniture for your specific environment, we take special care to ensure that everything fits together with the landscape to create a perfect harmony.

Long lasting and durable
- All GadenLa products are long lasting and weather resistant. This means that our practical yet decorative products virtually require no maintenance or extra care, allowing others to enjoy the area with a carefree attitude.

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