Recycled Wood Decking

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Recycled wood

- Hobbs recycled wood

Hobbs wood is a special type of composite wood from combination of wood & plastic fibers. Due to the fact that  Hobbs  possess natural fibers teamed up with plastic fibers, it looks extremely natural and organic, so most people would never tell it is not a real wood. Unlike real wood, "Hobbs" has no problems with splitting, rotting, wrapping, or cracking.

* Nature friendly.
"Hobbs" is made from recycled fibers and plastics, so one saves trees and makes the nature cleaner by choosing "Hobbs".
* Low Maintenance. "Hobbs" does not require special temperature, humidity level or absence of direct sun light, as wood requires, to remain intact in the household.
* Comfort. "Hobbs" does not consist of any noxious elements and can be applied in all areas where wood is traditionally chosen.
* Elegance. "Hobbs" comes in different colors, shapes and textures, meaning that  Hobbs  can be fitted for exact needs of each particular customer.
* Easy Installation. "Hobbs" usually comes in prepared shapes and forms that are necessary for the assembly of a piece of furniture. It comes ready-to-use so one does not need to cut it, paint it, stain it, or seal it.

"Hobbs" appears to be a perfect environmentally-friendly substitute for wood in outdoor furniture.
1. Pool-side decking
2. Balcony decking
3. Fencing
4. Faade
5. Trellis
6. Garden furniture
7. Wall feature
8. Ceiling decoration